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Image from page 219 of “Jackanapes. Daddy Darwin’s dovecot. The story of a short life” (1887)
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Identifier: jackanapesdaddyd00ewin3
Title: Jackanapes. Daddy Darwin’s dovecot. The story of a short life
Year: 1887 (1880s)
Authors: Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty, 1841-1885 Eden, Horatia K. F. Gatty
Subjects: Children’s literature
Publisher: Boston, Roberts Brothers

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a hillock in a neighboring field before she touchedits outskirts. By that time it pretty well numberedthe population of the village, from the oldest inhabi- HOME. SWEET HOME! 53 tant to the youngest that could run. Phoebe had hermothers courage and resource. Chirping out feeblybut clearly, I m Maester Shaws little lass, will yelet me through? she was passed from hand to hand,till her little fingers found themselves in Jacks tightclasp, and he fairly lifted her to her fathers side. She was just in time. Some of the birds had hungabout Jack, nervous, or expecting peas; but thehesitation was past. Free in the sweet sunshine —beating down the evening air with silver wings andtheir feathers like gold — ignorant of cold eggs andcallow young dead in deserted nests — sped on theirway by such a roar as rarely shook the village inits body corporate — they flew straight home — toDaddy Darwins Dovecot. SCENE IX.

Text Appearing After Image:
ADDY DAR-WIN lived agood manyyears aftermaking hiswill, and theDovecotprospered inhis hands.It wouldbe morejust to saythat itprosperedin the hands of Jack March. By hook and by crook heincreased the live stock about the place. Folk werekind to one who had set so excellent an example toother farm lads, though he lacked the primal virtueof belonging to the neighborhood. He barteredpigeons for fowls, and some one gave him a sitting ofeggs to see what he would make of em. MasterShaw gave him a little pig, with kind words and good LOVE IS THE PRICE OF LOVE. 55 counsel; and Jack cleaned out the disused pigstyes,which were never disused again. He scrubbed hispigs with soap and water as if they had been Chris-tians, and the admirable animals, regardless of thepork they were coming to, did him infinite credit,and brought him profit into the bargain, which hespent on ducks eggs, and other additions to his farm-yard family. The Shaws were very kind to him; and if Mrs.Shaws secrets must be told,

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