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Identifier: caldron_1914fort
Title: The Caldron
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Writers: Fort Wayne Tall and Manual Training Class (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Subjects: Fort Wayne Tall and Manual Training School (Fort Wayne, Ind.) Fort Wayne (Ind.) — Institutes Periodicals
Publisher: Fort Wayne, Ind. : The Institution
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s heart-iest thanks for their careful work ofthe previous, and hopes he will be able to bossour teams as time goes by. WHITIE Whitie, as he is usually understood,did not enter this highschool until theend of their Freshman 12 months which, prob-ably is the only reasons why he did notmake the basket ball staff that year. Hehas already been a star forward the past threeyears and captain the very last couple of years. Hewas feared by all teams inside partof the state both for his speed and ac-curacy on shots after all perspectives and dis-tances from the basket. He could be consideredone of the greatest overall professional athletes thatthe Fort Wayne senior high school features everhad and when he graduates this season,will leave the impression behind him ofone whom, by their faithful and untiring ef-forts, has given this high school its muchneeded foot-hold on athletics. II III We III :il|l. Ill,: lil.MM Up:. Ill III :<lM Ml I! MM |li i: ill ||! HM^ II! Ill:- : .llh ,111 III .: ,ll!.: :.^ ,:<r..ill .rillN fhlll THIS IS PACK INK HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE

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STRIXG PETE Ken is just a Sophomore, but he hasbeer .1 member of the basket ball teamboth his years in senior high school. As cen-ters had always been a scarcity until hisarrival in school he previously bit difficultyin making- the group in his first year. Hehas been one of many facets in boththe flooring work and scoring-. He’s sel-dom missed either rehearse or a gameand is counted on by every person doing big-things the second couple of years. He is loyaland online game and frequently played when injuredsufficiently to be on crutches, merely be-cause we had nobody else to complete hisimportant place. HERB Herbert Meyers, 16, joined the squadin February and straight away made hispresence sensed. He was unable to makethe group before this time because he hadjust originate from another school in Sep-tember and his credits wouldn’t normally permithim playing in the team. Their existence atforward after February put much more pepin the play associated with the group, along with his shooting-was also an excellent element. He’s only aSophomore and. beneath the attention of C

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